The Team

Minerva Davis

Webmaster, Media Manager

Video Services, Editing, Broadcast

With intuitive understanding of anything electronic, an eye for patterns and numbers, eidetic memory of cult fandom details and a history as a assistant in various media capacities Minerva endeavours to continue to improve CultFans with each episode, creating lead in reels, broadcasting platforms, teleplays for time and guest comfort, and more with each day.

Shealyn Bonds

Business & Relations Manager

Art & Design, Accounting, and more.

With more than a decade of business management experience in multiple industries, including sponsor relations, Shealyn aims to help CultFans define a new "top" to reach. Having skill with a brush and a quick tongue doesn't hurt, either. If it's a custom design, a promo card for a guest or more, if you see it, Shealyn probably designed it.

Stacy Bond

Client Relations & Networking

Writer, Interviews, Photographer

With substantial experience working in a portrait studio, as well as in customer troubleshooting, Stacy has previously had roles in management as well as customer relations for almost two decades. Stacy has a high attention to artistic detail as well as an approachable and composed, but professional demeanour, to go with her nerdy, bubbly personality.

And we're growing.

There may be a list of early founders above, but they're not the only people who contribute to this. Recently added are Chriss Watts to the video and editing department who has greatly assisted in Minerva's video work and maximized our ability to create vats of content reels for our guests, and Tara Martinsen, who is picking up transcriptions of our video interviews for the hearing-impaired. Other content creators, including for frequent writers, are being added as demand increases and we'll be building their profile sections soon once expansion settles! And if you have a passion for this kind of work  (minding none of us get paid for it beyond That Great Feeling), reach out and let us know how you feel like you can help. 


How was CultFans created?

Beginning as fans of CW & Syfy show The Outpost, we came across like-minded fans of the show on a fan podcast named Order of the Outpost.

Early August 2018, after two consecutive guests attended Order of the Outpost, and a lot more on the way in coming weeks, it suddenly became bigger than we could imagine.

CultFans was created as a comfortable, safe, and controlled setting to proxy between guests and audience of cult shows and fandoms while still remaining organic.

Why was CultFans created?

CultFans was created to cover not only The Outpost, but indie music, film, TV, as well as popular content in one place with safe-yet-human access between production members and their fans, but in a unique way that other sites don't approach interviews.

We will always remain loyal to The Outpost, Arrowstorm Entertainment, and related affiliates but always look to expand for inclusive content as long as it falls within either scifi or cult fandom genres.