Primarily, we appreciate support via Patreon. Currently we would like to pull roughly $30 a month to make up for our costs on website, emails, and more.  Short-term we have a $500 a month goal to begin upgrading our equipment, since most of our technology is wildly outdated. Long-term we have a $5,000 per month goal to be able to afford traveling to cons and events for better coverage. And, perhaps, slightly lighter hours on our 9-5 jobs to allow us to spend more time on CF.

The $1 and $5 tiers can be massively helpful. 

Other ways to help

Honestly? Talk about us. RT us. Show us to friends - even friends with indie careers that want a little bit of spotlight.

Submit content. Use the contact form and let us know you want to be a contributor for content on fandom news. Reviews, production discussion, that's cool. Supernatural? Doctor Who? Sherlock? Star Wars/Gate/Trek? Awesome. Go for it.