Exclusive with Kevin McNally

Kevin McNally of Pirates of the Caribbean fame sat down with us to discuss his work on the Outpost, his journey through early acting career, and other work such as his time on fellow CW show, Supernatural.

Sonalii Castillo on Essa Premiere

Sonalii Castillo streamed live with us to discuss her premiere as Essa Khan on the Outpost and engaged great audience questions for our third episode. 

Voodoo Vanessa Feature

Ah, growing pains of learning live broadcast. Sonalii Castillo and Monia Ayachi were gracious about our difficulties and spoke energetically about their feature project, Voodoo Vanessa, as well as their other work.

Interview with James Schafer

Our first independent podcast was a bit raw, but still had great content with the Composer of the Outpost crew. Check it out.

Interview with Joshua Todd

See the evolution of our podcast with our second interview and final episode on Order of the Outpost before going independent as Cult Fans!

Conference with Thor Knai

Check out our origins when we were part of Order of the Outpost in this exclusive conversation with Thor Knai!