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The Outpost Fan Work Archive

In a young, budding fandom it can be hard to suss out where everybody's stashing their works; people new to fandom may not even know all the sites, or the big content creators. We're here to make a list for you to easily navigate and find the type of content you want. If you want your content also listed here (with credit as seen), use our contact form and send us the information, and boom! Done! We'll have it up within 24 hours.

So far we have, outside of ourselves obviously at our listed social media:


Three great fans banded together to start trying to build a compendium of data on The Outpost, but they also need your help to cover everything! Fans coordinate to catalogue *everything* they can from the show at The Outpost Wiki. You can find it on the web here and its twitter here.


Kira runs Order of the Outpost, a video+podcast of meta discussion with occasional guests from the show. (you can also find their twitter here.) However, Kira also does a vast amount of edits and gif creation on her Outpost blog, and wrote one of the fandom's first fanfics, "Soft Hearts; Sharp Talons" which can be seen here on Ao3. Additionally, Kira does a good number of personal fan video edits on her personal channel, Captain Kirka on Youtube, and on Instagram on litmasonedits.

We highly encourage you to follow all-of-the-things for one of the biggest content creators in the fandom.

If you are new to the idea of fanfiction, check out the Ao3 link for Kira's fic and browse the related tags to your preference to find others like it!


Stacy is among the three owners of The Outpost Wiki, a regular host on CultFans and an occasional guest on Order of the Outpost. She routinely makes fantastic fan edits which can be seen on her new instagram gallery here. She routinely posts new work on twitter @Dragonflie5874, but we'd hate for you to have missed any of her old pieces, so don't forget to keep an eye on that instagram, or over here on the new tumblr she made just for this!

Other Instagram or Tumblr galleries:

Lissy Robison has recently made an instagram gallery of her edits.

The following twitter accounts frequently create The Outpost Gifs:


The following twitter accounts make frequent graphical edits:


We'll post more direct links to galleries as they become available.