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Kevin McNally sits down with CultFans to discuss his work on Pirates of the Caribbean, Supernatural, new show The Outpost, and much more.

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Upcoming guests

On Friday 9/14, Nathan Hoffman and China Khoral of BluFire Studios will be with CultFans discussing their work in the sound department at 6PM EST/3PM PST. They frequently work with Arrowstorm, as well as other studios, with titles from The Outpost, to Extinct, to Mythica.

In upcoming weeks, you can look forward to Dave Bresnahan,  Cokey Falkow, and maybe-Adam-Johnson from The Outpost! Exact dates and times pending. Maybe-kinda Adam because we fully admit he's committed to show but hasn't had a chance to schedule a date.

In case you missed it, check out our channel for our interview with Jennifer Griffin, and surprise guest Adam Johnson, who also promises to return in the near future!

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